Monday, 9 December 2013

What's in a name?

“What’s in a name? quite a lot when you’re trying to establish a brand. For the amateur there is a danger of overthinking it and trying to be too clever, but some occasionally create a whole brand of their own through their authenticity and the ‘name’ becomes the brand.

I found this wonderful gallery/studio that does just that. The Blue Pig is the dream of artist Jane Harlington and her partner Peter who came to the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides several years ago. Where did the name come from – put simply, when they decided to open the gallery, blue was the most daring colour they thought they could get away with painting it, and well, they kept pigs?!

Every visit to the gallery/studio (and in such a genuine mixing of the definitions it stands truly alone) is an absolute delight. Wonderful watercolours and glass work, delicate jewellery, silk-embroidered bookmarks, hand-tied buttons, soaps etc etc beautiful art, exquisite crafts and great creativity abound. But what makes it special is the warmth of the welcome every time, the large table in the middle of the room where everything from decorating gingerbreadmen to felting takes place, where there is always the offer of a fresh ground coffee or a rock bun just out of the oven cooling on the side; and if you’re lucky enough to shift the cat, a seat in the comfy armchair at the heart of it all. So what does the moniker Blue Pig stand for – quality, creativity, warmth, welcome and above all, a very deep authenticity. Brand envy all around!!!!”

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