Friday, 27 September 2013

TRUE Shortlisted Again

We've just heard that TRUE Solicitors has been shortlisted for a second major award.

Claims Magazine has chosen just nine UK Personal Injury firms from the whole of the UK for consideration - and amongst them is TRUE.

TRUE Solicitors is a powerful, stand-out brand that is positioned as the Personal Injury firm for genuine claimants - only.

And because TRUE deal with only genuine claims, that's why they win well over 90% (more than 9 out of 10) claims.

Here's more information and a full list of the chosen few.

Congratulations again to TRUE.

TRUE Chosen as one of UK's Top Four

TRUE is a brand created for Gorman Hamilton Solicitors by Violet Bick

It was launched to the UK market with a comparatively modest budget in the middle of 2013. 'About four months ago in fact.

A couple of weeks ago TRUE was short listed by as one of the UK's top four Best Marketing Campaigns of the Year, 2013.

The winner was announced this week and it was the competitor brand InjuryLawyers4u. Congratulations to them of course, a ten year old business with a lot of really good awareness. 

And we are happy too that things are looking so good for the TRUE brand of the future. 

Congratulations to TRUE; a truly great business, great bunch of people and great brand.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The weird, weird world of proper branding

Sometimes, branding can be really confusing for business owners. 

Especially when even the professional agencies use this word incorrectly so much of the time.

In other articles by Violet Bick Brand Consulting we explore what branding really is (and isn't).

In this article we look at some of the weird, weird rules of branding.

These eight fundamentals really are at the very heart of how almost all of the world’s most powerful brands are built.

And whilst some won’t seem like ‘common sense’ to you - they are most certainly 'brand sense'.

1  How much is your marketing budget this year compared to last year?  OK; it should be less.

Most marketing managers look to increase their marketing budgets year-on-year. This is the exact opposite of what should be happening. When brand messaging is strong, right and meaningful at the outset – you can say what you have to say much less often.

2  Say less to your customers.

We live in an over communicated world. If you are the longest established, highest quality, most flexible, friendliest, fastest, most qualified, first, best trained company with more choice than the rest – you’re doing it wrong. What is it you wanted me to remember again?

3  Clarity trumps creativity – every time.

Great design teams are smart and adventurous in their approach, but the delivery of clear messaging is far more important than creativity. So much design looks good – but says nothing. That’s wrong.

4  Target fewer people.

A narrow focus to the market does not mean a narrow focus to the mind. Consumers make decisions based upon what and whom they perceive you to be for. If you are ‘for anyone’ (too broadly focused) there is no perception that’s easy to latch on to. You blend in.

5  Stop innovating

Truly great brands are consistent. Find out why you are amazing, build your messaging around that and stick to it.

6  Stop communicating.

Tricky to get your head around. But true. ‘Communicating’ is different to ‘positioning’. Supported by Violet Bick, a great design agency will help businesses to really stand for something distinct, motivating and compelling rather than a random list of me-too attributes. This point is for businesses that get frustrated by the fact that their messaging is pretty much the same as everyone else’s in their market.

7  Set your initial advertising budget for your new venture at the following… £0.

Advertising should normally only be used only to reinforce an existing brand position or existing perceptions. It’s too expensive and inappropriate for building perception in the first instance. Use PR, design and (some) marketing for that.

8  It’s better to be different than it is to be better.

A really strange sentence. But another very important one. Most businesses we meet are fighting the wrong fight. Imagine that you had a carpet cleaner that genuinely did have better suction than Dyson. Would you take them on? Don’t bother. You won’t beat them. They were ‘first to mind.’ They are perceived to be better than you and you won’t change that (for as long as they stay committed to their current brand position). Don’t try to be better; be different. Be a lighter, better looking or more easily stored carpet cleaner – but don’t try to beat them in the area of ‘suction’. It’s the wrong battle.

So there we go. 

We’re here to help if you really do want to spend less on your business communications and win more customers at the same time. That's what happens when brand is strong.

Best Wishes

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gateshead College and Violet Bick

Here's Mark, Violet Bick Brand Director and Nadine Hudspeth, Director of Marketing and Communications from Gateshead College.

Gateshead College is on a really interesting journey at the moment. It's a fabulous place with great facilities, and Mark and Nadine are - together - strengthening the brand.

There will be more about this as the Violet Bick and onebestway websites update over the coming weeks. The story is really useful as a blueprint for any business or organisation that wants to maximise the effectiveness of it's marketing budget.