Sunday, 21 April 2013

When Madonna's Next in Town, There's Only One Place She Can Go for Pilates

Daniela Meyhoefer, Violet Bick Brand Consultant visited onebestway client The Pilates Studio. They're the North East's number 1 don't you know. 

"The Pilates Studio in Gosforth (on Landsdown Terrace) is the perfect place for anybody interested in Pilates. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, they can cater for all your needs. They have the best teachers and the best equipment.

And we should know. We went for a taster session last week and most of us didn't have any experience with Pilates before.

Judith the owner has 13 years of experience and is very passionate about Pilates and it shines through everything she does. We did a few exercises on the mats and then went onto some scary looking machines (dungeons, anyone?!). These are the machines Madonna uses (not when she had really bulky biceps but a lean and muscular body) and The Pilates Studio is the only one in the North East which has them.

So, if you want to look lean and fit (and who doesn't) - try Pilates with Judith at The Pilates Studio - they have the best teachers in the North East."

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