Monday, 25 March 2013

Meet Daniela

The official line on Daniela Meyhoefer, ex Brand Director at Sage in the UK and Germany, is as follows:

Daniela has over 15 years of experience in branding and marketing products and services across different industries, nationally and internationally.

A German born, Daniela has worked for Sage in Germany in senior marketing positions, helping the German subsidiary transform their originally German brand (KHK) into the globally recognised Sage brand. 

Major achievements: introduction of new brand internally and externally; working on campaigns to establish competitive positioning of new brand and helping the reseller channel to adapt the Sage messaging and branding for the end users.

She has worked as a marketing director for the second largest IT Company in Germany which provides accountancy software packages for accountants, being responsible for the overall marketing budget (€ 2 million) and all areas of branding, communications, channel, online and telesales

Less formallybut just as importantly, Daniela is simply a super-personable, clever,  immediately-effective and dynamic Brand Consultant that we are proud to have on board.

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